The Bangkok Farmers’ Market has pulled out of k village completely!  There is no longer a Bangkok Farmers’ Market At k village location.


Dear Fans of BKKFM. You may already have heard that the Bangkok Farmers’ Market has decided to discontinue the market at K-Village. Many people have been in touch to ask us what happened.
K-Village decided to introduce a different agreement with a rental fee for 2015, and after much deliberation, we decided that it was not possible to reconcile this with the basic aims of the market. The BKKFM is different from all other markets in Bangkok in that it was established with the specific aims of community building and providing farmers with a direct connection with customers, thereby helping to raise farmer incomes and farm productivity.
With the extra costs now associated with running the K-Village market, these things would no longer be possible at that venue. However, we have many new and exciting venues in the calendar. Please check these on Facebook. We would love to give you the usual Farmers’ Market welcome at any of these. Hope to see you again soon.

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Siam Square One - Connected to BTS Siam exit 4

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