You are Responsible for :

  1.  Processing and delivering the online orders you receive through the BKKFM Online Platform.

  2.  Any issues with the products you sell to customers using the BKKFM Online Platform.

  3.  Contacting customers within 24 hours of receive the online orders.

  4.  Any and all legal matters pertaining to your products selling online through the BKKFM Online Platform.

  5.  Not sell products that have not been reviewed by the Bangkok Farmers’ Market Online Platform Team (Quality Control)

  6.  Providing a minimum of 5% reduction of the lowest retail price you are sell your products to BKKFM Consumer Group only.  (This may change if vendors abuse the system).  Because you are not paying a GP on the BKKFM Online Platform, we want you to pass on the savings to the consumer group.

  7.  Any abuse of the platform through your account that harms or takes away from other producers selling on the BKKFM Online Platform or the system itself.

  8.  Not listing any 3rd party materials on the BKKFM Online Platform.

  9.  Not selling the customer information you collect from the BKKFM Online Platform.

  10.  Not using the customer information other then to carry out BKKFM Online Platform orders for delivery.

  11.  Promoting the use of the BKKFM app at least once a month.

At any point if any of these terms and conditions are violated, your account will be suspended or terminated and may lead to legal recourse.

Terms and Conditions may change at anytime during the on going development of the BKKFM Online Platform so please check frequently.

Please also read the Privacy Policy at