The Proposal to the new world!
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There’s no end to color around us as the world speaks in visual cacophony – gleaming lights of moving advertisements, the grey of roads and factories, textured signs of name after name, the patterned clothing and reflective phone cases we wear across cities. We live in an era of constant noise and distractions. There’s so much to see. Yet how often do we stop and observe it all?

We rarely stop to think about what was lost to create the concrete forest we live in. Somewhere along the way, we have forgotten how to appreciate the world as it is.

Pause. Observe. Breathe. These are three steps to a better living.
From the endless spectrum of colors that surround us, try to filter the sights through a three-color palette. Green; seek out green spaces where life is a slow and steady cycle of fresh air and sunshine. It means reflection and taking care of what is alive. Blue; don’t forget that clear skies and blue seas are two sources of life. Instead of polluting the water and releasing toxins into the air, we should be clearing them for life to grow. Red; a reminder to love, be compassionate and have an open heart. It takes shared effort to truly make a change.
It takes a community.

Artist : Arbboon Phathayot
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BKKFM Mystery Writer
July 13th, 2020